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Marble Gift Giving

I love marble! Every kind of marble! When we were remodeling our home a few years back I made sure to have marble in every nook and cranny possible. So lately I've been so ecstatic to see marble making a big comeback these past couple of years in home decor and fashion. Little hints of this beautiful stone go a long way. And if you're unable to rework your home with a stone that can get pretty expensive, adding small pieces here and there really gives the home a lovely effect. I scoured the internet these past couple of days trying to find some cute marble pieces that are great for gift-giving this holiday season. I love love how retailers are bringing the pattern into fashion, stationary, and design. If you're a marble enthusiast or are shopping for one, check out the pieces below ...


-Mini Tree Mackenzie Childs

Threshold Marble & Gold Barware Tool Set $29.99

Martha Steward Collection -6" Cake Dome & Marble Base $44.99

Michael Aram Enchanted Collection 2 Piece Cheeseboard & Knife Set- $200

Threshold Salt & Pepper Shaker Set Marble- $14.99

Amazon Macbook Rubberized Case- $18.99

Thirsty Stone 4 Piece White Marble Round Coaster Set-$34.00

S'Well Marble Water Bottle- $25.00

PaperSource Marble & Pink Medium Journal- $14.95

Ekhi Soy Candle Marble- $69.95

Converse Marble High Tops- $80.00

Amazon Iphone Rubberized Case- $19.99

Dazzle Marble Wrapping Paper- $20.95

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