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And Then There Was Fall ...

I love love love the Fall season. Living in sunny California, I get such a cozy feeling when October rolls around. Much like every year I'm not the biggest fan of vibrant colors such as orange, so I always try to stick with a neutral color palette. For me it makes my home peaceful looking, and that's what I love to come home to. BUT, to each his own. This year I finally got around to painting my door a darker hue. The color I went with is by BEHR ULTRA in Poppy Seed. Also, to be as festive as possible, I added a beautiful fur wreath to the door with lots of pumpkins all around.

To create the fall look, for me is quite simple. Add pumpkins and seasonal fruit everywhere, incorporate woodsy textures such as vine pumpkins, sprinkle around some dried florals, and drizzle candles everywhere! Sounds delicious doesn't it? Haha.

I also wanted to note that this year, I have been into the golds/brassy vibes, with clean white porcelains tableware, along with antlers. Yes, I'm still on this antler craze. To get the best finds for these vintage brassy pieces I would definitely check out Etsy!

Hope you enjoy this years Fall look!!!


{Planter & Topiary: Home Goods}

{Vine Pumpkins: Pier 1}

{White Pumpkins: Michaels}

{Grey Pumpkin: Home Goods}

{Concrete Lion: Home Goods}

{Wreath: Pier 1}

{Home Goods: Spray Painted Gold}

{Courtly Check Vase: Mackenzie& Childs}

{Vine Pumpkin: Pier 1}

{Mirror: Vintage}

{Antlers: Pier 1}

{Grey Vase: Home Goods}

{Pumpkins: Home Goods}

{Vase: Home Goods}

{Pumpkin: Pier 1}

{Squirrel: Pier 1}

{Courtly Check Pumpkins: Mackenzie Childs}

{Owl Basket: Michaels}

{Antler Decanter: Pier 1}

{Butterfly Candle: Michael Aram}



From French Country Cottage and Decor Gold. Two of my favorite blogs to follow. How cute are their fall styles??? I can't deal!

{Pier 1}

{Pier 1}


{Pier 1}


{Crate & Barrel}

{Pier 1}

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