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10 Steps To Build The Perfect Registry & 10 Of My Favorite Registry Items

Not too long ago I was planning my wedding registry, while trying to plan a wedding, a honeymoon, and getting our living arrangements together. WOW. It was definitely a crazy time. Putting together a wedding registry can be an overwhelming task. There are so many different stores, and items one can put onto their wedding registry. But where is one to start might you ask? Here are some tips I found to be helpful:

1. Don’t Go Overboard

Stick to at most three stores you love to shop at, including one national department store. Make sure to think of your guests, meaning you may want to choose from stores that are priced low, medium, and high-end, so your guests have a variety of price ranges to select from.

2. Register Ahead Of Time!

As your wedding day or bridal shower gets near, you will have way too many things on your plate. So make sure you register way ahead of time, and have fun with it. The last thing you want to do is rush through your registry, and get stuck with items thinking, "Why did I register for these?!"

3. Get The Essentials

Of course you'll want to register for some fine china, or a really expensive vase you would never buy for yourself, BUT ... make sure to register for essential household items that you'll use on a weekly basis.

4. Register For More Gifts Than Guests

Guests love options, so make sure that you have about three times as many gifts you've registered for than guests! There's nothing worse than a guest going to your wedding registry to find that almost everything is purchased, and the only thing left is a very expensive knife set. FAIL!!!

5. Think Ahead

When putting together your wedding registry, always make sure to think about your future lifestyle. In your new life together as husband and wife, you will be entertaining more, so create a wish list of items that will simplify your next gathering! Think about a platter and carver set for your first Thanksgiving dinner or some great champagne flutes for a New Year's Eve party. When you keep those special occasions in mind, you can include friends and family in those amazing moments!

6. Write Thank You Notes

Make sure to always be a gracious bride and thank your friends and family for spending their time and money to gift you with such thoughtful things.

7. Completion Programs

Stick with companies that offer completion programs! For example, if you registry with Macy's, anything remaining on your registry you can buy out for another 20% off! How awesome is that?!

8. Know the seasons

So remember how I told you to register ahead of time? Well there's another step in that process. When you're registering for gifts, make sure to keep the season in mind. If you're registering in the spring and getting married in the winter, that really cute outdoor melamine plate setting may not be available. So make sure to register for timeless pieces that are offered in all seasons.

9. Easy Shipping

No one wants to transport a large box of heavy gifts, some of which are hard to handle or even wrap! Guests love the easy shipping option of sending their gifts right to the couple. I cannot emphasize on how awesome this feature is. Use it!

10. Think Outside The Box

It's definitely okay to register for some unconventional items! If you have a swanky luggage set in mind, or even if the hubby is a grill master, you can always add these items to your registry. I would keep these unconventional items to a minimum. Sometimes if guests can't relate to them, they won't buy them. It's quite funny how so many guests select items to buy based on their very own personal preference.

Now check out some of my personal favorites. My top 10 that I cannot live without ...

All Clad -Pots & Pans

Marchesa by Lenox Flatware 18/10, Imperial Caviar Gold Collection

Mackenzie Childs

Marble Cheese Board by Godinger

Maison Versailles Dinnerware

Wine Enthusiast Wine Glasses

Champagne Coupes by Crate and Barrel

Hotel Collection Bedding

Voluspa Mokara Scent

Breville Smart Oven

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