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Faux Meets Flowers

Like any other girl I loveeeee flowers! For a good while I would make it a point to buy flowers for almost every room in our home. After shelling out over a $100 a week I figured it wasn't the most economically sane thing to do! So what was a floral loving girl to do? I hit up Michaels and HomeGoods! I always find really pretty faux flowers at these stores. And as much as I love them, personally I want to bring some natural vibes to our home so I mix real flowers with the faux. Not only has this technique saved me hundred of dollars, I can also make sure that I enjoy styles I put together time and time again. Usually I stick to the neutrals and light pinks since that matches our home, but the cool thing with faux florals is that you can buy several different colors and mix and match during each season or occasion. These days, I literally buy a third of what I need, and I am able to fill up several rooms in our home.

The real flowers I used are:

Vendela Roses (My absolute favorite)

Pink Dahlias

White Hydrangeas

White Spray Roses

The faux florals I used are:

Blush Roses Arrangement in vase

Blush Garden Rose

Ivory Garden Roses

Little White Flower Branch (Not sure what this one is called but you can find it at Michaels)

I hope you enjoy the post! Let me know what you think!


Blush Rose Arrangement in Vase {HomeGoods}

Grey Urn {HomeGoods}

Gold Scissor {Nate Berkus Office}

Lemon Candle {Michael Aram}

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